An open architectured cloud application

FeelGrid, an IoT Empowering Platform

FeelGrid is a customizable management IoT platform that enables organizations to design and run IoT based monitoring, predictions and actions on Wide Areas.

Great success for FeelGrid on TTN Nova Gorica Community Launch Event

Great success for the launch event of The Things Network (TTN) Official Community of Nova Gorica, hosted in Enkronos Auditorium, in the International Business Center in ҆empeter pri Gorici, Slovenija. During the event we presented for the 1st time FeelGrid, our Empowering IoT Platform.

Simple - Easy to use - 10x Faster

Let Your Business Grow.

With FeelGrid you can measure your desidered values:

For example: Air Temperature, Soil Mostures, or Any physical attribute

Predict and create actions upon them!

All with much less cost.