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We are proud to announce that next 3rd of January 2022 @ 13:00 CET, we’ll start our Public Sale of FeelGrid tokens (GFEE). In the meantime private sale is going to start next 1st of July and will end on 1st October 2021. Pre Sale will begin on 2nd October and finish 2nd January 2022. That means that we have arrived to a crucial point where we have a great FeelGrid proof of concept and also an app already available in its first release and most important – we need to develop FeelGrid on an industrial basis in order to offer it to all of our customers, because it will change the way they monitor and manage wide areas thanks to our IoT empowering platform.

Let´s start at the beginning.

What is FeelGrid?

FeelGrid is an IoT empowering platform for Widea Areas monitoring, predictions and actions. It is being developed by Enkronos.

What is GFEE Token?

FeelGrid tokens (GFEE) are the utility tokens, used for operations on FeelGrid platform. FeelGrid tokens will be natively convertible also with ENK tokens, the utility tokens, used for operations on “Enkronos Apps” platform, with which FeelGrid is integrated. GFEE (and ENK) will be the only way to use FeelGrid platform. Depending on resources consumption, storage and requests to the platform, the FeelGrid Wallet will update its balance of available GFEE.

The price of 1 (one) FeeelGrid token (GFEE) is 0.006 Ethereum (ETH).

Its credit system is already tokenized on a private ledger and it is a shared resource among all the products published in its platform. The final goal is to adopt GFEE token as its “internal fuel”, creating a public ledger blockchain-based FeelGrid platform.

Because FeelGrid is also part of Enkronos Apps platform, the GFEE token can be exchanged for Enkronos token (ENK). The exchange rate is 2 ENK = 1 GFEE.

Why FeelGrid?

The goal of FeelGrid is not only to manage that data, but to give that data life! Through different AI modules each data type will be presented differently and give exact business logic to the owners of each FeelGrid. Building complex sensor layouts for your winery or creating a grid of air monitoring throughout an entire city will be as simple as drag and dropping sensors on top of a map. The goal of FeelGrid Platform is precisely to provide a solution to this unsolved issue. This will result in a more efficient and economic process related to any kind of Wide Areas monitoring, prediction and actioning applications.

What are the stages of FeelGrid ICO?

PRIVATE SALE starts on 1st July @ 13:00 CET and finishes 1st October 2021 @ 13:00 CET. If you want to join FeelGrid Private Sale you have to be whitelisted. Join whitelist here and take advantage of the -50% bonus! read also more about aQuest Referral Program.

PRE-SALE starts on 2nd October 2021 @ 13:00 CET and finishes 2nd January 2022 @ 13:00 CET.

CROWDSALE starts on 3rd January 2021 @ 13:00 CET and finishes 30th April 2022 @ 13:00 CET.

Who developed FeelGrid?

FeelGrid is being developed by Enkronos company. FeelGrid application is one of the apps on Enkronos Apps platform (Enkronos Apps platform is an exclusive multi-application environment for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions).

You can learn more about Enkronos company here www.enkronos.com and here https://content.enkronos.com/. If you want to use or just try out Enkronos Apps please sign in or register here: https://apps.enkronos.com.

If you are curious about FeelGrid project please check out FeelGrid Whitepaper here or contact us directly here.

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