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Precision Agriculture

In agriculture, information-based systems that were unimaginable a generation ago are improving crop and farm management today. Precision Agriculture, for instance, is one area where sensor technology brings new capabilities that solve age-old problems.

Precision Viticulture

Precision viticulture, on the other hand, aims to maximize the oenological potential of vineyards. This is especially true in regions where the high quality standards of wine production justify the adoption of site-specific management practices to simultaneously increase both quality and yield. The introduction of new technologies for supporting vineyard management allows the efficiency and quality of production to be improved and, at the same time, reduces the environmental impact (Source).


FeelGrid is a digital platform that allows you to design and manage IoT-based monitoring, forecasts and actions in large geographical areas (such as vineyards, cities, urban, agricultural, industrial areas etc.). It allows the gathering of data in time and space enabling thus their scientific analysis. The results of analysis translates directly into a benefit for end users, which in vineyards case can be wine growers as much as winemakers-enologists.


Instalation of Vinode in Goriška Brda, Slovenija

FeelGrid creates a personalized environment for specific needs. It offers real time data presented through a customer dedicated control panel. An example of application is given by the measures required for the management of vineyards, which we are using in areas of Goriška Brda. The primary objective of the monitoring process is acquisition of the maximum amount of georeferenced information within the vineyard. A wide range of sensors aiming to monitor different parameters that characterize the plant growth environment are employed in precision viticulture for remote and proximal monitoring of geolocated data. Readings of temperature and humidity in the air and ground or values of leaf wetness, sunlight, rain and other data can help to better manage the production process of winegrowing. How to, for example, optimize treatments and irrigation only on the basis of the actual need of plants, monitored in real time, remotely and comfortably visible from a PC or smartphone via internet.



In general, the application advantage of FeelGrid solution is a cost reduction in crop management, through improving crop quality and yield production, process traceability and environmental sustainability with a rational use of chemical inputs.

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By the way. Do you know that our FeelGrid Vinode gets tested in really bad conditions, like Burja wind that blows gusts like 200 km/h? Check out our video and put the sound on!


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