And much more

Feelgrid solutions can also be used in other segments like: Waste management, Smart Homes, Traffic Monitoring, etc.

By matej.hladnik 5 years ago

Smart Cities

Smart cities are based on an intelligent public infrastructure to provide clean water, reliable energy, safe gas and efficient public lighting.

By matej.hladnik 6 years ago

Water Management

FeelGrid has developed an integrated system for water management. It allows you to deal with various problems in different sectors, both public and private.

By matej.hladnik 6 years ago

Building Management

From the construction of roads to the construction of buildings it is crucial to measure with precision all the variations, like for example, groundwater levels or the ground soil movements.

By matej.hladnik 6 years ago

Air Pollution

FeelGrid allows cities and extended geographical areas to implement prevention actions thanks to a widespread and accurate air quality measurement system.

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The IoT technologies supplied by FeelGrid are ideal for automating irrigation and fertilization systems on farms, as well as adding new precision to operations and reducing wastage.

By matej.hladnik 6 years ago