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How FeelGrid Platform helped a renewed winemaker in Višnjevik (Slovenia) managing everyday challenges in his vineyards

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Alan Kristančič, from Kristalvin house in the Goriška Brda region produces top quality wines from different grape varieties. Due to the big geographical dispersal of vineyards, Alan consumes a lot of time inspecting vineyard conditions (disease progression, grape ripening, etc.). He also does not have the necessary information how (in)efficient, the artificial irrigation in certain parts of the vineyards, is. He also misses the information on how much spray actually remains on the vines after every time spraying (foliage cover).


With the installation of FeelGrid sensoric system and the use of FeelGrid application, Alan gained a precious insight into all the data available to him at any time and from any location – all you need is a PC, tablet or smart phone. Now he can accurately determine how much and when he will have to irrigate and spray, he can determine when and how the risk of developing a disease develops, etc..


FeelGrid enables the implementation of measurement projects using Internet of Things for the needs of winegrowers. The data coming directly from the vineyard and the FeelGrid platform can be as follows:

  • air temperature, relative humidity,
  • leaf wetness (on both sides),
  • rainfall, speed and wind strength,
  • lighting, air pressure,
  • Earth temperature (at two depths),
  • Earth moisture (at two depths).
  • piovosità, velocità e intensità del vento,
  • illuminazione, pressione atmosferica,
  • Temperatura del suolo (su 2 livelli),
  • Umidità del suolo (su 2 livelli).

FeelGrid Platform Benefits:

  • Recording data that allows the implementation of models and predictions,
  • Compare models and parameters of disease development stage,
  • You can manage everything from 1 single dashboard,
  • Less environmental impact,
  • Facilitate your decision for treatment,
  • Lower the costs, because of less treatments, empowered productivity

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