Building Management | FeelGrid

FeelGrid Bulding Management Digital technologies for monitoring and management of buildings and real estate assets

The IoT technologies provided by FeelGrid are becoming a key component for monitoring physical values in the construction industry. From the construction of roads to the construction of buildings it becomes increasingly important to measure with precision and punctuality the variations, for example, groundwater levels or the ground soil variations that are significant in the case of works of great impact as are the construction of roads.

Automatic monitoring of these values allows construction companies to gain time and optimize the costs of intervention and work of specialized personnel.

The use of FeelGrid also enables the management of real estate assets to be more efficient and to have data and information that can support in an innovative way the development of the business connected to the management of the facility.

Allowing a more efficient management of real estate assets by  monitoring the reference parameters for facility management; or  make it possible to enhance the real estate assets with new digital tools, in the way they are used to appropriately define the key performance indicators (KPI) for the management of their real estate assets.


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