Smart Cities | FeelGrid

FeelGrid Smart City – Digital technologies for monitoring and Smart City management

Smart cities are based on an intelligent public infrastructure to provide clean water, reliable energy, safe gas and efficient public lighting. Freeing resources intelligently and by providing essential services, they are able to invest in other public services to improve quality of life.

Water and energy systems are essential in every city and a smarter management of these is basic for smart cities. FeelGrid smart network combine residential and commercial metrics and sensors with software-as-a-service in one single application. It is a fundamental combination that allows us to evolve from simple measurement to a genuine intelligent management of resources for their more efficient monetization.

Big data is everywhere you want to enhance it and FeelGrid solutions can make smart cities even smarter. Thanks to FeelGrid you can measure air quality, flows and traffic / pedestrian movement, light level, humidity, temperature and more. The possibilities are unlimited and are a great way to involve voters and interested parties by examining their needs.


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