Smart Vineyard

Digital technologies for monitoring and management of the vineyards

The wine market is characterised by an ever-increasing competition that requires increasing quality standards also in the management of the vineyards. This change calls for a transformation also in the technology of production.

As the demand for sustainable quality increases the producers have growing needs on the subject of greater efficiency, improvement of production times and containment of costs related to:

  • energy,
  • fertilisers and plant protection products,
  • production costs in general.

Without the help of innovative technology it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with the challenges imposed by the growing level of competition in global markets.

FeelGrid was designed as a solution that allows optimisation of production processes!


What Feelgrid can measure?

Thanks to a trial period of one year we have created a assortment of measuring node devices equipped with sensors that measure any needed value in the wine sector, such as:

  • Air temperature,
  • Relative humidity of the air,
  • Rainfall,
  • Leaf wetness – both sides,
  • Wind speed and direction,
  • Lighting,
  • Air pressure,
  • Soil temperature (on 2 levels of depth),
  • Soil moisture (on 2 levels of depth).
Sensor for leaf wetness (both sides) installed on a vine.

FeelGrid protects plants

Thanks to the data collected by FeelGrid it is possible to control a vast variety of diseases that can affect the vineyard:

  • Vine Diseases – impact on growth: Variety, substrate, position, microclimatic conditions, ampelotechnical procedures, phenological phase
  • Peronospora of the vine (Plasmopara viticola Berl. & De Toni):
    • air temperature, precipitation, leaf wetness: primary infection + relative humidity: Secondary infection
  • Oidium of the vine (Erysiphe necator Schwein):
    • temperature, relative air humidity, wind speed, precipitation (primary infection!)
  • Other diseases:
    • gray mold (botrytis), grape black rot


Why FeelGrid Smart Vineyard solution

FeelGrid measures, compares and facilitates:

  • Record the microclimatic elements (data),
  • Compare models and parameters of disease development stage,
  • Determine the treatment.

FeelGrid also allows to rise the grapes quality.

This happens thanks to the measurement of:

  • Lighting and solar radiation in green parts (parts of the leaf and grape area),
  • Soil temperature and humidity (start of growth, agro-ampelotechnical procedures and irrigation).


FeelGrid reduces your costs and protects the environment:

  • Facilitate your decision for treatment,
  • It allows you to make more precise distribution of treatments (with notifications!),
  • It permits you to postpone treatment (you will do less treatments),
  • Lower the costs (every treatment is a cost!),
  • It supports you for a better protection of the environment.


Over time the advantages of FeelGrid increase because:

  • Records measured data over time (creating the database),
  • Increase its accuracy over time thanks to more data,
  • It will allow greater inclusion of growth phases (phenological),
  • Enables registration of data tracking (also for legal and quality purposes).


Register to Enkronos apps and try Feelgrid now! You can also check our Study Case here or Contact us for more info.