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FeelGrid Waste Management – Digital technologies for waste monitoring and management

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

From rural communities to densely populated cities, waste management plays an important role in ensuring the quality of life for every individual. However, as populations grows so does consumption of goods and therefore increases also the amount of waste in the world. FeelGrid’s IoT technology has created new possibilities for intelligent waste management that enables organizations to better manage public services.

Improve the efficiency of waste management

Historically waste management is a resource-intensive activity. Not to mention the fact that there are waste management areas that remain inefficient due to outdated methods or processes. With FeelGrid waste management solutions organizations can improve efficiency and reduce overall costs as:

  • Real-time data provides better visibility of assets, which translates into greater efficiency and less waste;
  • waste containers equipped with sensors for filling level enable organizations to provide better service while reducing unnecessary visits;
  • cloud-based analysis can help improve planning and optimize truck routes.


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