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Empower your data with Feelgrid platform


The goal of FeelGrid is not only to manage that data, but to give that data life!

Through different AI modules each data type is presented differently and give exact business logic to the owners of each FeelGrid.

The platform allows the gathering of data in time and space enabling thus their scientific analysis. The results of analysis translates directly into a benefit for end users, which in vineyards case can be wine growers as much as winemakers and enologists.

FeelGrid creates a personalized environment for specific needs. It offers real time data presented through a customer dedicated control panel.

An example of application is given by the measures required for the management of vineyards, which we are using in area of Goriška Brda, Slovenija (see Study Case here). Readings of temperature and humidity in the air and ground or values of leaf wetness, sunlight, rain and other data can help to better manage the production process of winegrowing. How to, for example, optimize treatments and irrigation only on the basis of the actual need of plants, monitored in real time, remotely and comfortably visible from a PC or smartphone.

Let´s discover FeelGrid technology:

  • Sensors and Devices,
  • Grids,
  • Architecture.


If you want to start using Feelgrid right now just register to Enkronos apps and choose the Grid you need.